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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Alert: The woman made a huge mistake! can't even close my mouth properly

Lip Filler: Seeing the advertisements of favorite influencers and TV stars, a woman found it difficult to undergo surgery. The woman says that after this her lips swelled to such an extent that she could not even close her mouth properly.

A woman decided to undergo minor surgery after seeing an advertisement of her favorite TV star and influencer , but it backfired on her. Alam was that the woman was not even able to close her mouth properly. Troubled by this, now this woman is appealing to the people not to do anything just by being influenced by someone. Before using any product, research it thoroughly.

23-year-old Harriet Green of England claims that she decided to get 'lip filler' after being influenced by the words of influencers in online videos and reality shows. According to Green, she went to a beauty salon in December 2022 for 1.1 ml filler. But shortly after the surgery process, his lips started swelling. Then things got worse.

Ashley resident Harriet told that she was assured that everything would be normal in a few weeks. However, even after three months his lips were swollen. Harriet claims that after getting lip fillers, two lumps were left in her lips. Due to this, he used to have unbearable pain in the lips. Not only this, she was unable to close her mouth completely.

The woman said, 'I had undergone a surgery for the first time. I cannot tell how painful it was. My lips were badly swollen. Harriet later also contacted that beauty salon, but she only got assurances there.

As a result, Harriet had to undergo three corrective procedures to bring her lips back to normal. For which he had to spend 700 pounds (Rs 72,146.62 in Indian currency). Harriet believes that many people are influenced by the advertisements of social media influencers and TV stars.

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