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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Is the power of aliens increasing… are radio signals of mobile towers helping them?

No one has seen the aliens but there is no dearth of speculation about them. Scientists have now also started a campaign to find out whether aliens are getting closer to human life?

A team of scientists has shared a shocking information about aliens. Scientists have told in a study that it is very possible that aliens will be able to keep complete information about humans. Scientists have told its base as a mobile tower. According to them, aliens can gather maximum information about human habitation through leakage from mobile towers.

In fact, scientists have long been trying to find out whether any power in space has a more advanced civilization than us? And does that civilization belong to aliens? Although scientists have not reached any conclusion on this point, but they are seeing a possibility that if someone is more advanced than us, then surely they can get information about us through our own technology.

Nothing to do with 5G

According to the report of Life Science, although scientists have also told that it has nothing to do with 5G. Radiation emanating from any mobile towers of the earth can help aliens to find us. According to scientists, the radiation leaking from these towers is not cancer-causing, but it is a type of energy that is used in radio and TV transmission.

Dr. Nalini Hiralal of Mauritius University has explained this in detail. He says that there is every possibility of advanced civilizations in space. Its new signals are being received in satellites, especially through space missions like James Webb Space Telescope, and Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE).

Aliens in the galaxy

Scientists at the University of Manchester also believe that aliens are searching for advanced life forms in the Milky Way. He says that as our broadband systems become more powerful, our ability to identify those aliens will increase even more. With the modernization of mobile towers, aliens will become more influential.

Communication system is getting advanced

It is noteworthy that mobile communication systems around the world are gradually getting more advanced, keeping in mind our communication needs. It is not possible to stop it. Moving towards space is the demand of our modern times.

However, scientists believe that Earth's radio leakage signature now includes strong mobile radio signals as well as other types of signals, such as those from radar, digital broadcasting systems and Wi-Fi networks. Those aliens whose power will be advanced, they can reach close to human life through this communication system.

However, scientists have not told that if aliens sense our life system through these radiations, then what harm will it cause.

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