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Friday, May 19, 2023

HIV Aids: AIDS patients are also at risk of cancer, brain function is also affected

HIV AIDS: There is no vaccine for AIDS till date. Even after several decades of efforts, the vaccine has not been developed. Due to this disease, the immunity of the body becomes weak.

HIV Aids: AIDS disease has not been eradicated for the past several decades , although the number of its patients is decreasing, but till date the vaccine of this disease has not been made. AIDS disease is caused by the HIV virus. When the HIV virus goes into the last stage, it becomes AIDS disease. Due to HIV, the immunity in the body starts getting weak. Due to which a person easily becomes a victim of any disease, but do you know that AIDS patients are also at risk of cancer.

According to doctors, AIDS can be caused by sarcoma and cervical cancer, although such cases are rare, but still the risk of cancer remains in people. Apart from cancer, these patients also easily fall prey to other diseases. There are many cases of TB, pneumonia and toxoplasmosis in patients suffering from AIDS. In many cases, the disease worsens and there is a risk of death of the patient, although the number of deaths due to AIDS is decreasing, but till date there is no prescribed treatment for this disease.

Can also be a victim of neuro-related diseases

Dr. Ajit Kumar of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital explains that AIDS patients also become victims of neurological disorders. Due to the virus, the function of the brain is affected. This leads to memory loss and difficulty in concentrating. Since AIDS attacks the immune system, even a mild infection can turn into a serious illness. AIDS patients also become victims of mental problems due to the fear of this disease. Anxiety and depression are quite common in AIDS patients.

Controlling the disease with antiretroviral therapy

There is no cure for AIDS, however, with the help of antiretroviral therapy, the HIV virus is prevented from multiplying in the body. With the help of this therapy, the development of the disease is slowed down. This therapy proves to be very effective on patients.

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