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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Elon Musk's new 'decree', getting a job in Tesla will no longer be 'easy'!

After handing over the responsibility of Twitter to the new CEO Linda Yacarino, now Elon Musk has again increased his focus on Tesla. He has given such a decree that it will not be 'easy' to get a job in Tesla.

After completely changing Twitter, Elon Musk has again increased his focus on Tesla. Elon Musk has talked about making a big change in the company's hiring policy, due to which getting a job in Tesla will not be as 'easy' as before.

According to a Reuters news, Elon Musk has written a strongly worded e-mail to the company's hiring department. It has been clearly said in this e-mail that before making any new recruitment in Tesla, the approval of Elon Musk himself will have to be taken.

Approval will be required on every job

It has been said in Elon Musk's e-mail that a list of people who are being hired should be sent to him every week. Elon Musk's approval will be necessary to give jobs to any executive to contractor in the company. Elon Musk has said, 'Until the e-mail of his approval comes, no one will be able to join the company. Then even if he is a contractor.

Hiring managers were also instructed

Along with this new decree, Elon Musk has also given strict instructions to the company's hiring managers that they should 'carefully consider several times' the list of candidates before sending the list to them for approval.

It is believed that this step has been taken by Elon Musk in view of the decrease in the margin of the company. Last month, when the company released its quarterly results, its gross margin was the lowest in the last two years. It was not even according to the estimates of the market. That's why Alan Musk is now increasing the focus on hiring policy for cost cutting.

However, no official comment has been made by Tesla or Elon Musk about this. After making Linda Yacarino the new CEO of Twitter, now Elon Musk will also have more time to handle Tesla. The company's investors also expressed concern over the decrease in Tesla's margin.

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