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Monday, May 8, 2023

9th student made smart shoe, walking will generate electricity, equipped with camera and GPS system

Souvik, a class 9 student, has made a smart shoe using discarded items from his uncle's electronics shop. Systems like camera, GPS are fitted in this shoe.

Souvik Seth, a student of class 9 from West Bengal, is being discussed everywhere. Sauvik's small hands have made a big discovery. This kid has made such a smart shoe that can generate electricity. According to media reports, after wearing this shoe, as much electricity is generated as you walk. Due to this, the 2000 mAh battery is getting charged easily.

Class 9 student Souvik Seth, a resident of Chandannagar, Hooghly, West Bengal, has already received many awards. Now this student has invented smart shoe. With this, everything from mobiles, GPS tracking to cameras can be charged.

Camera and GPS installed in smart shoes

Souvik says that this smart shoe is made from waste material. However, these shoes have a GPS system which is very convenient for the safety of children and women. Can be used to find missing children.

Talking to the media, Souvik told that the shoes are equipped with spy cameras. If there is any suspicious person around, it can be easily seen. However, there is no way that the suspect would know that the child's shoe had a camera attached to it. All these smart gadgets are fitted in the sole of the shoe.

Dream of studying in IIT

Souvik's interest in electronics started when he was studying in 5th standard when he saw his uncle working in an electronics shop. Souvik's mother tells that her son used to pick up useless things from his uncle's shop. Made a bicycle with a calling bell from waste materials. Later a spy suit was developed, which included navigation with cameras.

Sauvik's father Swaroop Seth is a laborer in a jute mill. He tells that a big manufacturing company is waiting to further develop the things that his son has made. Souvik's dream is to study in IIT.

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