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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Woman used to come for shopping wearing short clothes, supermarket banned

Kerolay Chaves: A surprising case has come to light in Brazil. Here the supermarket has banned a woman just because she used to come for shopping wearing short clothes. He says that because of that people have to feel ashamed.

Kerolay Chaves: It is often discussed about Urfi Javed 's clothes that she wears short clothes, she does not have the style to wear clothes. Although despite this, there will hardly be any place where they are forbidden to go, that is, they have been banned at that place, but nowadays a woman has come into the limelight because of this. She often went shopping wearing short clothes , but the supermarket didn't like her look and banned her. The woman is from Brazil .

By the way, there are many such restaurants or hotels in the world, where the rules are a bit strange. In such a situation, whoever ignores those rules, he is banned from coming there towards the restaurant, but this case is a bit different. In this too, the woman has been banned for her short clothes. The woman's name is Kerolay Chaves and she is only 21 years old.

Works for adult site too

According to the report of Daily Star, Karole is an influencer as well as an adult star. She often posts her pictures and videos on the adult site Onlyfans and earns a lot of money from it. Carole says that the owners of supermarkets say that their clothes are very revealing. In such a situation, other people who come to the mall have to do shopping by bowing their heads because of that. This is the only reason why they have been banned from coming to the mall.

Was kicked out for wearing short clothes

According to reports, Karole has also told about an incident that happened to him inside a store. She told that she had gone to the store wearing denim shorts and crop top, but she was removed from the store saying that she was wearing short clothes, which are provocative to people. Carole says that this attitude of the owners of the mall is not right at all. He says that if people are feeling a problem with him, then he himself should not come to the mall, what is the point of banning him.

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