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Friday, March 24, 2023

Rahul Gandhi Disqualified: Rahul will now bake the bread of politics in the heat of paper torn 10 years ago

When a court in Gujarat sentenced Rahul to two years, the script of his membership was written at the same time. But Rahul and the Congress are now establishing urns of their potential in the Ramayana, the answer to this story.

New Delhi. You will remember that day of September 2013. Rahul Gandhi himself had given a hammer to his own UPA government which was losing popularity . In the Delhi-based Press Club of India, Rahul Gandhi tore apart the ordinance of Manmohan Singh's government, in which it was said to cancel the membership of public representatives who were sentenced to 6 years . After this step of Rahul, the sentence of two years for the people's representatives became the Lakshmanrekha of their membership.

After this, many leaders like Mohammad Faizal, Lalu Prasad, Azam Khan, Vikram Saini kept paying the price of this no-compromise standard of Rahul. But time burnt those pieces of paper lying in some corner of the press club and on Friday a notification was issued from the Parliament Secretariat ending Rahul Gandhi's membership.

Rahul's membership has come at a time when he is emerging as the most aggressive challenger to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Recently, after an on-ground campaign to surround the government among the people with his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul has been seen attacking the government even more in the past. In the Adani case, the way he directly targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked him questions inside the House, the ruling party was feeling uneasy.

In the current session, the Parliament has become a victim of the noise being raised on Adani. The ruling party has been demanding an apology for Rahul's foreign speech to divert attention from this issue. But it does not seem that Rahul Gandhi or the Congress party is ready to back down at any cost. Rahul, who was out of the house, will now openly engage in challenging the government.

Opportunity in disaster

The incident of Rahul going to Parliament is not a surprise. At least not on Friday. When the Gujarat court sentenced Rahul to two years imprisonment a day earlier, it was clear at the same time that Rahul would no longer be a member of the House. Friday's notification has only confirmed this.

It is not that Rahul Gandhi was not worried or apprehensive about it. The court asked Rahul Gandhi several times to apologize and accept the mistake on his statement. But Rahul remained firm on his point. Instead of accepting the mistake, he chose to accept the punishment.

Some political analysts believe that the punishment given to Rahul is probably more than the charge against him. But Rahul himself is looking at this punishment as a possibility and an opportunity instead of more or less. And not only Rahul, the Congress party is also getting its direct benefit.

Now Rahul is not a member of the House. But Rahul is at the center of the discussion. On the day Prime Minister Modi is on a tour of his parliamentary seat Varanasi, the center of discussion in the country and the society is the snatching of the Parliament membership of Rahul Gandhi. This is a great political opportunity for Rahul.

Capital punishment

The first direct benefit is that from here on Rahul will be in public with his image as a victim and not a culprit. This is an opportunity to garner sympathy. And sympathy pays in politics.

The second advantage is that the sections of the opposition which were walking away from Rahul's journey or ideas or from the opposition unity around Congress, are also being forced to show sympathy towards Rahul.

It is not surprising that Arvind Kejriwal, the hero of the Aam Aadmi Party born out of opposition to the Congress and Mamata Banerjee, who has shied away from opposition unity under the leadership of the Congress, or Akhilesh Yadav, who has shied away from the Bharat Jodo Yatra, are in favor of Rahul if he loses his membership. seem to be speaking.

In the heat of losing Rahul's membership, now the attacks on those leaders of the ruling party who are accused in corruption or criminal cases and also the members of the Houses will intensify. Now his comparison with Rahul and the continuation of such members in the House will be heard in political statements.

Rahul will now be seen showing the injury mark on his chest in public. It is possible that the silence of the ruling party on Adani will be kept more firmly in their speeches and statements. Rahul's language outside the House may be seen to be more aggressive instead of becoming weak or restrained after this punishment or membership.

Not only this, this decision will also play a big role in unifying the slightly scattered and dissident Congress under the leadership of Mallikarjun Kharge and rallying behind Rahul. The Congress party is likely to benefit from this from the organization to the people.

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