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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Oscar winner Guneet Monga is now making a documentary film on Honey Singh, announcement video released

Documentary On Yo Yo Honey Singh:
Guneet Monga, producer of the Oscar-winning film The Elephant Whispers, is going to bring a documentary film on rapper and singer Honey Singh, which has been announced by Netflix.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Documentary Film: Film producer Guneet Monga 's film The Elephant Whispers was a huge success at the Academy Awards 2023. The film has been given an Oscar for the Best Documentary Short Film category . At the same time, Guneet Monga and her film are being discussed everywhere. Meanwhile, another new documentary film has been announced, which is going to be made on famous singer and rapper Honey Singh .

This documentary film will be seen on the OTT platform Netflix in the coming times. On the other hand, on Wednesday, Netflix has announced this by sharing an announcement video on YouTube. Significantly, today Honey Singh is a big name in the entertainment industry. To reach here, he has seen many ups and downs in his career and this story will be shown in this documentary film.

Along with the struggles of professional life, glimpses of personal life, friends and family will also be seen in the film. On the other hand, in the announcement video shared by Netflix, Honey Singh is seen and he has announced the documentary film to be made on him in a very special way.

Watch the announcement video here

The video that surfaced begins with a concert, in which Honey Singh is seen performing on stage. At the same time, a large number of people are present under the stage. On the other hand, Honey Singh says, “This is my life that has been created by the Almighty and the depth in it, which has reminded me of myself today. I have told some of these things.

Releasing his words, Honey Singh says, “I broke my piggy bank. I gave up my habit. Don't speak now Honey is ill, my documentary is ready." And in this way, he has announced his docu-film in the style of a rap song. In this video, Honey told that his film is coming soon on Netflix.

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