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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Apple did not take away anyone's job, it did this work by moving away from big companies like Meta-Google

Apple No Layoffs:
From Facebook's parent company Meta to Google, they have resorted to layoffs to handle themselves. But Apple did not choose the way to fire employees. Now we will see what decisions the iPhone maker took to avoid losses.

Apple Not Layoff: Google's parent company Alphabet, Facebook's parent company Meta, Microsoft and Amazon have laid off several thousand people except iPhone maker Apple in the Big Five tech companies . To reduce losses, these companies have resorted to retrenchment. Apple also realized the bad economic situation, but it continued its journey without choosing the path of retrenchment. Next we will see how the iPhone maker handled itself without firing anyone.

Instead of laying off, Apple reduced the bonus given to the employees. To reduce the cost, the company has made many efforts. Apart from this, new recruitments have been reduced for most of the posts. The company has also changed the timing of bonus.

Now you will get one time bonus

There has been a change in the process of giving bonus to the employees twice in a year. Now the bonus will be given only once in a year instead of two. All these claims have been made in the Bloomberg report. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg tweeted that Apple is delaying giving bonuses to employees. Apart from this, the cost of traveling has also been reduced.

Impact of changes

Now Apple will give bonus only in October. Earlier, bonus was given in April and October. These changes have affected software engineering and service. It has been said in the report that the employees of Operation, Corporate Retail and other groups are following the old plan. Apple is delaying bonuses for some corporate divisions, and is trying to cut costs.

Fired third-party contractors

The move to delay the bonus may also help the company retain those employees who may have planned to leave the company after receiving the April payment. According to media reports, Apple has started laying off third-party contractors to cut costs. The number of contractor employees laid off runs into thousands.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook called layoffs "sort of a last resort" at the company. He added, “We want to manage costs through other means to the extent that we can.”

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