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Friday, March 10, 2023

China's wonder! Forgetting 7 years of enmity, Saudi Arabia and Iran extended the hand of friendship

This agreement has been reached after talks between Saudi Arabia and China in Beijing, in which both countries will open embassies within two months.

After seven years of tension, two enemy countries of the Middle East have now agreed to improve their relations again. We are talking about Iran and Saudi Arabia who have talked about restoring diplomatic relations and reopening embassies. According to the information, on Friday both the countries have agreed that within two months they will restore their diplomatic relations and reopen the embassies.

In fact, talks were held between the two countries in Beijing, the capital of China, after which this agreement was reached. If media reports are to be believed, the past relations between the two countries are getting better only with the help of China. China mediated between the two countries, due to which the tension reduced. This deal during the National People's Congress in Beijing is being seen as a major diplomatic victory for China.

Photos and videos shared by Iranian media

A joint statement from Saudi Arabia and Iran on Friday said the two countries have agreed to re-establish their diplomatic ties and open embassies in a deal mediated by China. Iranian media has shared some videos and photos of the meeting. In this, Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, can be seen along with Saudi National Security Advisor Musad bin Mohammad Al-Aiban and China's most senior diplomat Wang Yi.

Not only this, Wang can also be heard congratulating both the countries. After this he says, 'Both sides have shown honesty. "China fully supports this agreement." Iranian media said, "After the decision comes into force, the foreign ministers of the two countries will meet to prepare for the exchange of ambassadors." It has been said that talks took place between the two countries for more than 4 days.

Tension between the two countries for 7 years

Let me tell you, there has been tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran for the last 7 years. There have been differences between the two countries on the basis of religion. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim country while Iran is a Shia Muslim country. Relations between the two countries deteriorated further when in 2016, Saudi hanged a Shia cleric. After this violence broke out in Iran and protesters attacked Saudi diplomats in Iran. Only after this Saudi had ended diplomatic relations with Iran.

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