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Friday, February 17, 2023

Verdi Strike at German Airports: German trade union Verdi called strike, Lufthansa airline canceled more than 13 thousand flights

Germany Verdi Strike News: Lufthansa, Germany's largest and Europe's second largest airline company, on Friday (February 17) in view of the strike called by the German trade union Verdi on Friday (February 17) has canceled more than 13,000 flights. Cancellation of flights has been announced.

According to the information given on the website of Lufthansa Group, in view of the strike at German airports, the airline has canceled all Friday flights from Frankfurt and Munich. Lufthansa Group Board Member Michael Niggemann apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers. The Verdi trade union has called on public sector workers at Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dortmund, Hanover and Bremen airports to observe a full-day strike for 17 February.

'Forced to suspend flight operations'

In view of the strike announcement, other airports including Frankfurt and Munich have suspended regular passenger operations for Friday, said a statement issued by the Lufthansa Group. As a result, for that day the Lufthansa Group was regrettably forced to suspend its flight operations in the German hubs of Frankfurt and Munich, with a total of more than 13,000 flights cancelled.

The airline has said that it has already informed passengers about the flight cancellations and is offering alternate solutions and train bookings as far as possible. In addition, customers have been asked to check their flight status at an early stage through or the Lufthansa App. 

'How vulnerable and fragile is the air transport system'

Michael Niggemann, member of the board of the Lufthansa Group, said, “We apologize for the heavy impact this warning strike is having at the expense of our passengers. We are not a party to collective bargaining and have nothing to do with it. Yet it has had a huge impact on our guests and on us. The cancellation of more than 13,000 flights for Lufthansa Group airlines alone shows once again how vulnerable and fragile the air transport system is to strike activity. Operations will be fairly normal. 

What is Vardi Trade Union?

Vardi Trade Union is also known as Vardi International. Its name is an abbreviation of the two words ver.di (Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft). It is a trade association based in Berlin in Germany. It was founded on 19 March 2001 by the merger of five separate unions and is a member body of the German Trade Federation. According to Verdi's website, its membership is around two million. Employees, freelancers, civil servants and students are involved in this. More than 1,000 people from different professions are members of this trade association. The trade union states its objective to maintain solidarity in working life and to achieve justice for those associated with it. The Sangh says that the efforts of the people should be properly recognized and given importance.

Why is the strike being done?

According to reports, the security staff of the aviation sector are entitled to an increase in bonus under the 'Collective Bargaining Agreement', which the airline companies have refused to accept. On similar issues, Verdi is on strike in the alleged interest of the employees.

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