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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Sachin's daughter Sara and Shubman Gill were caught in a restaurant because of 2 people

Indian batsman Shubman Gill shared a photo of himself on social media on Valentine's Day, which is from a London restaurant.

Sara Tendulkar or Sara Ali Khan… All kinds of speculations are being made about whom Shubman Gill is dating. Many times he was seen with actress Sara Ali Khan and sometimes his name was associated with Sachin Tendulkar's darling Sara. Although both were never seen together, but it is being said that he has been seen in a London restaurant with Sara Tendulkar. Actually this is being said after a photo of Gill went viral, which he shared on Instagram on Valentine's Day.

The Indian batsman shared a picture of himself on the previous day, in which two people were caught because he and Sara were in the same restaurant. The picture is old, but Gill has shared that photo now. The restaurant where he is drinking coffee. A picture of the same restaurant was shared by Sara in 2021, which is in London.

Couple gave proof!

Now that there is a restaurant, people will definitely come and go. In such a situation, it is possible that both had gone with their respective groups, but both were in the same restaurant at the same time, proof of this was given by the two people sitting in the photo. Actually the photos of both are from the same time. In both the photos shared by Gill and Sara, the same couple was sitting behind them. Even the clothes are the same in both the photos of that couple. From this photo, it was being speculated that both had gone to the restaurant together.

Kohli also enjoyed

Even a few weeks ago, Virat Kohli did not lag behind in enjoying Gill in the name of Sara . During a match, the spectators were shouting slogans for Sara Bhabhi. Kohli smiled at the audience after listening to these slogans and started encouraging them to continue the sloganeering. Not only this, in a show with Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa, Gill was asked if he was dating Sara. Responding to which he said that maybe yes and maybe no.

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