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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Good days will come for farmers in Noida, they will get this much compensation for the land

Good days are about to come for farmers in Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) of Uttar Pradesh. Here, now on the lands coming under the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, they will get compensation at the same rate, that is, at present, the two rates of current compensation will end.

Jewar International Airport, which is going to be built in Uttar Pradesh's Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), has brought a gift for the farmers here. The farmers got good compensation for the land acquired for the first airport. At the same time, it has now been decided to give equal rate of compensation to the farmers for the lands to be acquired under the Yamuna Expressway Authority.

Yamuna Development Authority's CEO Dr. Arun Veer Singh said on Wednesday that the Uttar Pradesh government has approved the authority's proposal to give equal compensation to farmers.

Farmers will get compensation as much as Jewar Airport

Arun Veer Singh said that at the rate at which land is being acquired for Jewar Airport from the farmers of the area, compensation will now be given to all the farmers of Jewar tehsil of the Yamuna Development Authority area. The government believes that having two rates of compensation in the same tehsil is step-motherly with the farmers.

About 5,000 farmers have been given compensation at the rate of Rs 3,100 per square meter for Jewar airport. On the other hand, for other projects of Yamuna Development Authority, farmers have received compensation at the rate of Rs 2,322 per square metre. Now all the farmers affected in the Yamuna region will get compensation at a uniform rate.

Amount of compensation increased for farmers

In the state cabinet meeting in Lucknow, the compensation for each project of the Yamuna Authority has been increased by about 35 percent. Now farmers will get compensation at a uniform rate i.e. Rs 3,100 per square metre.

Farmers of Mathura, Hathras, Agra are not benefited

With this, it has been clarified that this decision will be applicable only on the acquisition in Gautam Buddha Nagar district. Apart from Gautam Buddha Nagar, Yamuna Development Authority area also includes Bulandshahr, Mathura, Hathras, Aligarh and Agra districts. The farmers here will not get compensation at this rate.

Rather, land acquisition in these districts will be done according to the circle rate there. Farmers are given four times the circle rate in rural areas and double the compensation in urban areas.

Investors of the summit will get land

Dr. Arun Veer Singh told that under the investment agreement at the Global Investors Summit held in UP, land will be made available to entrepreneurs in Sector-9. Apart from this, 500 meters of land including road will be acquired for the construction of peripheral road in the north, west and east of Noida International Airport Jewar.

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