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Friday, February 17, 2023

One Gautam did penance and the other one…. Congress again attacked on Adani case

The Congress has once again launched a major attack on the central government regarding Gautam Adani and has demanded the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC).

Congress remains a constant attackeron the Adani case . Meanwhile, Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda hasreiterated the demand for formation of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). He said, there was a Gautam who became Buddha after penance and now there is another Gautam for whom Prime Minister Narendra Modi did penance for 18 hours everyday for the last 8-9 years. Pawan Kheda sarcastically said, “The relationship is so strange that PM Modi cannot even take his name. Say something, say something like 'Aye ji'. But when Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge take his name, he is removed."

He said, a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) must be set up to investigate the allegations of fraud and rigging of shares in the companies of billionaire businessman Gautam Adani. He alleged that the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to hide the facts related to the case from the citizens.

Adani denied the allegations

Let us tell you, after the allegations of Hindenburg Research operating from America, there has been a huge decline in the shares of Adani group companies. However, the Adani group denied the allegations, saying it was law abiding and complied with disclosure norms. While addressing the press conference, Kheda said that the Congress wants to answer crores of insurance holders of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and crores of account holders of State Bank of India (SBI) as the hard earned money of taxpayers is involved in this issue. Is.

'Congress not against corporate'

Khera insisted that the people of the country should know the source of funding of the Adani group and shell companies. They (public) want to know why important areas of the country were handed over to one person. Congress is not against corporate but it is against domination of a corporate. He said that if the scope of ease of doing business is extended to micro, small and medium industries, then the picture of the Indian economy can change.

The Modi government is scared of the JPC, he said, because it fears it will expose its links with the Adani group. The formation of JPC is a process of parliamentary tradition. The public wants to know why the Reserve Bank of India is not aware of the loans given by the banks to the Adani group. Khera said that the Modi government did not accept the demand of the opposition to set up a JPC and the public is seeing it.

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