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Friday, February 17, 2023

Condom, contraceptive medicine banned, Taliban said – Conspiracy to control Muslim population

Taliban has issued another shocking decree in Afghanistan. Women have been ordered not to take contraceptives and their sale in medical stores has also been banned.

Many strange restrictions have been implemented in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover. First Taliban banned girls from leaving the house without Mehram, then banned their going to school-college. Now, in another surprising decision, the Taliban has issued an order to stop the sale of condoms in the country. Targeting the West, the Taliban said that through this there is a conspiracy to reduce the Muslim population .

Taliban fighters are personally going door to door urging people not to use condoms. Its sale has been banned in many provinces including Kabul. The owner of a medical store in Kabul city said that Taliban gunmen came to his shop two or three times a day and ordered him not to sell contraceptives. Not only this, they are also checking the stores every day and making sure that no medical store sells contraceptives.

Ban on condom, contraceptive medicine

A woman narrated her ordeal and said that a Taliban commander ordered her not to leave the house and said that she did not need to take contraceptives to promote Western conspiracies and that it was an abominable act. The owner of another medical store confirmed that Taliban fighters came to his store and threatened to sell condoms and contraceptives. The pharmacist said that he has been ordered that contraceptives and Depo-Provera injections have been banned.

There is a danger of population explosion

This is a new decree to suppress the rights of women. Before this, the Taliban denied girls education, banned them from going to university, threw them out of jobs and banned them from leaving the house without a mehram. On one hand, the country's health system is in ruins, on the other hand, there is a possibility of such a decision creating a more serious health crisis here. Let us tell you that due to lack of timely treatment during pregnancy, 14 women died in the past. At the same time, due to this Talibani decree, there is bound to be a danger of population explosion in the country.

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