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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Kim Jong Un's new decree, parents will be jailed if children watch Hollywood movies

This decree of North Korea is not only for film lovers but dancers and singers have also been targeted.

North Korea has issued a new decree for the people of its country. According to this decree, if any child is found watching Hollywood movies or TV programs, then their parents will be put in jail. This decree of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been issued not only for Hollywood but also for South Korean films.

According to this, any child who is caught watching a Hollywood or South Korean film, his parents will be sent to forced labor camps for 6 months. While the children will have to face such punishment for five years, which they cannot even think of.

Parents will not be warned

Parents previously found guilty of an 'offence' could have gotten away with a stern warning. But now nothing like this will happen. According to a report in Mirror, sources inside the Hermit Kingdom say that Pyongyang has launched the "Inminban". It is a mandatory neighborhood monitoring meeting in which the orders of governance reach the communities.

Child rearing warnings

Radio Free Asia told that no mercy will be shown to the parents of those who are found watching these films. Will also warn about failing to raise your children properly in line with Kim Jong Un's socialist ideals.

Through this decree, not only film lovers have been targeted, but those people who like to sing, dance and talk were also targeted. If any person is found performing like South Korea, he and his parents will also be punished for 6 months. On the other hand, parents who let their children watch Hollywood blockbuster movies will be put in jail.

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