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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Dispute over spy balloon continues, now China says US claim – fabricated and absurd

Due to America's strike on Chinese balloon, the dispute between the two countries is increasing.

A few days ago a Chinese balloon appeared in the sky of America which was dropped by America during a military operation. This balloon was shot down by an American fighter plane in a missile attack . There has been a sharp reaction from China on the US action on this balloon. Even before this, China has threatened to give a befitting reply to America. Now another statement has come out from China, in which China has described the claim made about America's balloon as 'frenzied and absurd'.

Actually, China's top ambassador Wang Yi has targeted America on Saturday. He has called the claims made by America regarding the Chinese balloon as absurd. During this, he also said in a sharp tone that balloons of many countries are roaming around the world, so should everyone be downed in the same way. Wang said this at the Munich Security Conference. He said in his speech, 'We expect America not to repeat such futile efforts which were done with the aim of diverting attention from its domestic problems.'

America stopped the search operation

The US military said Friday that it has ended the search for downed aerial objects on February 10 and 12 near Deadhorse, Alaska, and Lake Huron. The statement, released late on Friday, came hours after officials said the US had completed efforts to recover parts of a large balloon that was shot down on February 4 off the coast of South Carolina. He said that the analysis of its parts supported the conclusions so far that it was a Chinese spy balloon.

Officials said the US believes Navy, Coast Guard and FBI personnel have collected all parts of the balloon from the ocean floor, including key equipment that could reveal how it was used for surveillance and combat. Was able to collect information. White House national security spokesman John Kirby said a substantial portion had been recovered and included "electronics and optics". He refused to say anything about what the US has come to know so far from its parts.

The US Northern Command said in a statement that the operation to recover the parts ended on Thursday and the final pieces are being sent to an FBI lab in Virginia for analysis. He said that air and sea restrictions have been lifted from South Carolina.

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