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Monday, January 16, 2023

Swimsuit: 73-year-old woman showed bold style by wearing a swimsuit, when trolled, she replied like this

Colleen Heidemann:
At this age, when she shared pictures wearing bikini and swimsuit, many trollers started trolling her on social media. Despite this, he did not lose courage and gave such an answer to the trailers that people started praising him. Many people said after this that life should be lived in such a bold way.

Swimsuit At Age Of 73: There is no age for hobbies and neither does age matter as to what a man should wear and when. Recently, a 73-year-old model came into limelight on social media when she made people crazy because of her bold looks. However, some people got angry about this and wrote the opposite about the woman. But the woman gave a befitting reply to all of them.

Modeling at the age of 69

Actually, the name of this woman is Colleen Hedeman. According to a report in Daily Star, the woman lives in Los Angeles, USA and she is a model. Surprisingly, he started his modeling career at the age of 69. People follow him a lot on social media. Recently, she came into the limelight when she gave such a reply to the trollers that her captions became fiercely viral on social media.

According to a very famous

report on social media, Colleen has been posting her pictures on her social media account for the past several years. She also keeps telling her followers about her routine and her diet. She also exercises. Not only this, many times she keeps sharing information about her clothes to her followers as to when and how she bought it.

The secret to their happiness?

She says that the secret of her being happy is that she never worries. She goes to the gym daily and does light exercises. They take care of themselves and their families. She eats very well and exercises. He had also said in an interview that since childhood he was fond of wearing nice clothes. Eventually she made a career in modeling at the age of 69.

This is how he replied to the trollers

: According to another report, on being a troll, he says that I should wear clothes as I want. People say that swimsuit is not suitable for my age but I say wear what you like. Apart from this, she keeps giving a befitting reply to the trollers even in the captions of her pictures.

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