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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Make short nails longer with these easy tips

Long Nails - Long and beautiful nails are liked by most of the women, but if your nails are weak and do not grow then you can try these easy tips

The habit of biting nails can kill the growth.
Nails grow faster by rubbing garlic on the nails.
Include Vitamin E in your diet for healthy nails.

Tips for Long Nails:  Nowadays nail art and nail polish on long nails is in great trend among women. Stylish and beautiful colored nail polish makes the nails of hands beautiful and attractive. Due to which your overall personality can look attractive and smart. Long and clean nails look very beautiful, but to make nails long, a lot of effort has to be done. That is why most of the girls nowadays also get nail extensions done. Fake nails can also look beautiful, but they cannot compete with real nails because they are not guaranteed even after the cost of getting fake nails done. If you are troubled by your short nails, then let's know how you can make your nails longer in a few days.

Tips to make nails longer:

Garlic juice –
The use of garlic is very beneficial to make the nails grow faster. Take a garlic bud at night, cut it from the middle and apply garlic juice on the tips of your nails and leave it overnight. By doing this continuously for a week, the nails will start growing.

Olive Oil –
Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E which is helpful for the growth of nails.
To make the nails grow faster, use olive oil every day by massaging the nails in circular motion and leave it overnight. Wake up in the morning and clean it with normal water.

Take a good diet for healthy and long nails –
Non-growth and frequent breakage of nails can be a sign of lack of nutrients in the body. For long and healthy nails, include elements like protein, vitamins C and E, omega 3 fatty acids in the diet. 

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