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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Women may have heart attack due to these reasons, do not ignore these symptoms

The problem of heart attack in women is increasing rapidly. 
Its risk increases due to diabetes, obesity or heart diseases. This problem can be avoided by identifying the symptoms with the changes of the body in time.

Women suffering from obesity are at higher risk of heart attack.
High cholesterol and high blood pressure can lead to heart attack.

Heart Attack Risks In Women:  Everyday stress and unhealthy lifestyle causes many problems related to heart, which later becomes the reason for heart attack. In a heart attack, the blood flow is blocked, due to which blood cannot circulate to the heart. The problem of heart attack in women is increasing rapidly. According to experts, the risk of heart attack in women of 18 to 55 years is higher than others. Women's body already starts giving signs of heart attack. In such a situation, it is important to understand those symptoms and try to prevent heart attack. Let us know about some of the risk factors and symptoms of heart attack in women.

Heart attack risk factors in women

High cholesterol:  According to Healthline.com,  estrogen protects women from high cholesterol, but after menopause its amount decreases and cholesterol increases. High cholesterol can lead to heart attack.

High blood pressure:  It is common for women to have high blood pressure during pregnancy, which can lead to a heart attack. Apart from this, taking birth control pills used by women has a negative effect on the heart.

Mental problems:  Stress, depression and anxiety also cause heart attack in women. Apart from this, some mental diseases also affect it.

Cancer or kidney failure:  The problem of obesity and diabetes is common today, which is the main reason for heart attack. In such a situation, conditions like cancer or kidney failure can increase the risk of heart attack.

heart attack symptoms in women

Pain in the bones: Pain  in the neck, lower, upper back, arms and legs and shoulders is seen in women at the time of or before the heart attack.
Chest Pain:  Chest pain and discomfort is the first symptom of a heart attack. This pain can be mild or sharp, in which pressure and pricking are felt.
Dizziness and weakness:  It is seen in women that they have problems with nausea and vomiting before a heart attack, along with headache, shortness of breath and dizziness.
Abnormal heart rate:  Before a heart attack, the heart does not function properly, due to which the heart rate remains fast or slow instead of normal. Sometimes symptoms like chest discomfort, anxiety and abdominal pain are seen.

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