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Monday, July 11, 2022

If you drink ginger tea than be careful it may harm your health badly

Many people have a habit that their day starts with tea. Many people sleep only when they get tea in bed. To enhance the taste of tea, people add ginger and cardamom to it. Adding ginger enhances the taste of the tea. But do you know that this ginger tea can also cause huge harm to your body. In such a situation, if you also drink ginger tea, then be careful.

Ginger can be dangerous

Ginger tea is considered beneficial, but lovers of drinking ginger tea should be careful. You may not be drinking acid from ginger tea. The bright ginger available in the market looks as good as it is dangerous for your health. According to reports, ginger sold in many mandis of the country is being brightened with acid.

It has

been revealed in many reports that ginger is washed with acid and shine is brought on it. Dirty and unsightly looking ginger is glazed with acid, because whenever you go to the market to buy ginger, you will only buy ginger that looks good. According to the report, about 400 kg of ginger is washed and polished with one liter of acid.

It may be that

after washing ginger with acid till cancer, the unsightly part or dirty peel comes out of it and ginger gets shine. It has also been revealed in many media reports that acid cleaned ginger is being supplied in many mandis of the country, which goes to your homes through the local market. After this it is making poison by going into your stomach. Doctors say that drinking too much acid tea can kill you. Doctors also say that if it is eaten for a very long time, it can lead to cancer.

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