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Friday, May 6, 2022

After speaking these two words, the executioner does not listen to anyone, hangs the culprit on the noose

New Delhi : These days the discussion of Shabnam case is in full swing all over the country. For the first time in independent India, a woman has been sentenced to death. A woman named Shabnam is to be hanged in Mathura jail of Uttar Pradesh. However, only the date of hanging is yet to be decided. Shabnam along with her lover Salim played a bloody game in their own house. He is currently lodged in the jail of Rampur. Today we are telling you what is the Shabnam case and what does the executioner say in the ear of the criminal just before the hanging.

What happens before hanging?
Before hanging any criminal, the executioner does the trial by hanging an effigy of the weight of the prisoner and after that the hanging rope is ordered. The relatives of the convict are informed 15 days in advance that they can meet the prisoner for the last time. 

This last word says in the ear of the
convict. Just before the execution, the executioner goes to the perpetrator and says in his ear that "Forgive me, I am a government employee. I am compelled by the law." After this, if the perpetrator is a Hindu, then the executioner calls him Ram-Ram, while if the perpetrator is a Muslim, then he salutes him for the last time. After saying this, the executioner pulls the lever and hangs the culprit till his life is gone. After this, the doctors track the pulse of the culprit. After the death is confirmed, the necessary process is completed and later the body is handed over to the relatives.

What happens on the day of hanging?

  1. On the day of hanging, the prisoner is bathed and given new clothes. 
  2. In the early morning, under the supervision of the jail superintendent, the guards bring the prisoner to the hanging room. 
  3. Apart from the executioner, three officers are present at the time of hanging. 
  4. These three officers are Jail Superintendent, Medical Officer and Magistrate. 
  5. The superintendent informs the magistrate before the execution that the prisoner has been identified and the death warrant has been read out to him. 
  6. The prisoners are signed on the death warrant.
  7. Before hanging, the prisoner is asked his last wish.
  8. The same wishes of the prisoner are fulfilled, which are in the jail manual. 
  9. While hanging, only the executioner is with the guilty. 

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