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Friday, May 6, 2022

Shigella: Death due to Shigella infection in Kerala, know how dangerous the infection is and how to prevent it

Shigella Infection: A serious incident of food poisoning has come to light in Kerala. In this case a 16-year-old girl died. The girl's health deteriorated after eating chicken in a restaurant. Doctors say that he died due to Shigella infection after food poisoning. In this case, the police have arrested the owner of the restaurant and other employees. At the same time, the Kerala High Court, taking cognizance of this matter, has sought a response from the administration. Let us know what is this Shigella infection and how it can be fatal.

Know about shigellosis infection

Patients suffering from Shigella infection have diarrhea (sometimes bloody), fever and abdominal cramps. On the other hand, if a person infected with this bacteria is already sick or has some serious diseases, then in such situations he needs to be given antibiotics immediately. Shigella is a bacterial infection that is one of the most common causes of diarrhea worldwide. Although experts believe that it is not necessary that all bacteria of the Enterobacter family cause disease in humans.

attacks the intestine

Shigella is a bacteria that attacks the intestine causing diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 'even the minimum number of bacteria is enough to make someone sick.' This infection spreads easily through direct or indirect contact with the belongings of its patient. Let us tell you that apart from this, this dangerous bacteria can also make you a victim by swimming or bathing in contaminated water.

Is Shigellosis Deadly?

There is a question in the minds of people regarding this whether the patient does not survive after getting infected with Shigellosis. In response to this question, doctors say that as long as the patient's immune system is not weak, then this infection does not cause death.

rescue method

To prevent this infection, you should take necessary precautions before using any kind of food or water. Wash hands thoroughly before and after meals. Keep drinking water clean. Use fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, keep perishable products like milk, chicken and fish in the right temperature and cook them properly.

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