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Friday, May 6, 2022

Kidnapping of 6-year-old girl from Khargone for tantra-mantra, accused found in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Khargone: Police has arrested the accused in the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl from Kudi village of Jhirnya police station area. The girl was rescued from the possession of the accused and handed over to her family members. In this case, the police achieved success in just 12 hours. During interrogation, the accused, who hails from the girl's village, has confessed to abducting the girl with the intention of using occult spells and selling the girl.

The girl used to live near the uncle, the girl used to live with her
uncle in the innocent village. His parents have gone to Maharashtra to do wages. In the village, the accused Gorelal's father Bhagwan Singh, taking advantage of this fact, saw him alone and ran away from the village by luring the innocent to get chocolates on his bike. Being an area close to Maharashtra, the accused took him to Akluj village in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. There he lived in the crematorium.

Police took immediate action
police started interrogation by showing photos of innocent people in rural areas, then some people confirmed the accused's departure by bike. The police continued the search for the accused with the help of cyber sales. It was found that the accused had taken the girl towards Bhusaval. The police took immediate action and left for Maharashtra after informing the MP post near Maharashtra.

The accused found in Jalgaon, Maharashtra,
the police reached the accused while asking people from village to village. The accused had taken the innocent girl to the crematorium on the banks of the Tapti river in Alkuj village of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. He was intoxicated. The police took the innocent from the clutches of the accused. When he was arrested and interrogated, the accused confessed to kidnapping with the intention of witchcraft and selling.

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