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Monday, September 6, 2021

What to keep in mind before having sex, so that there is no harm to health, know

Experts are advocating for proper hand hygiene in the epidemic. This is the basic principle of safety to prevent corona infection. But now it is also necessary to follow some instructions before having sex.

Do I need to wash my hands before and after having sex? It is worth noting that in the Corona era, experts are advocating more hand hygiene than ever before, but asking your partner whether you have washed your hands before making a relationship seems like a strange question. But sexual experts consider it necessary.

They say that this is the first and basic rule of physical cleanliness before making a relationship between husband and wife and sexual relations between both the partners become safe. They even believe that apart from the hands, the sensitive parts should also be cleaned. "Sexual safety is of great importance because it can prevent infection from sexual intercourse," says psychologist and venereologist Vicente Brett. He has suggested some remedies to make the couple's sexual relationship stronger. 

Instructions for men - The Public Health Service of Britain has clarified on its website how women and men should arrange for the proper care of their sensitive organs. It is important for men to wash the sensitive part thoroughly with warm water while taking a bath so that the anti bacterial agent does not accumulate.

By not removing the anti bacterial agent, it can provide a proper environment for the growth of harmful bacteria and can also cause body odour. Expert Patrick Frinch writes, "Surprisingly, many people do not wash the areas of their sensitive organs which are covered by skin. This can cause problems not only to men but also to partners. " According to the NHS, soap for cleaning sensitive areas should be 'mild or fragrance-free'.

Instruction for women- Experts say that to combat itching on the sensitive part of women and its surrounding area, one should stay away from the use of such products which are used to make the area aromatic like scented soaps because Their use increases the risk of possible bacterial attacks in that part of the body. He suggests that during periods, women should adopt very protective measures in this regard. 

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