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Monday, September 6, 2021

Due to this, weight starts increasing in children, it becomes impossible to control later!

Weight Gain Reasons: There can be many reasons behind weight gain in children. Which can cause problems in controlling weight later.

Weight gain in childhood is a serious problem, which can develop into obesity. Being obese in childhood not only increases the risk of dangerous diseases, but also reduces the chances of controlling obesity by growing up. If your habits or reasons for gaining weight are not controlled in childhood, then it becomes impossible to control growing up.

Due to the weight gain of children, they also start having problems like lack of self-confidence, hindrance in development, physical pain etc. Let us know what are the reasons for the excessive weight gain of children.

Weight Gain in Children: Causes of weight gain in children
According to MayoClinic, the problem of obesity in children can be due to the following reasons. like-

Diet (Weight gain causing diet): Consumption of snacks, chaat, fast food, street food and high calorie food is the main cause of obesity in kids. Apart from this, due to toffee, sweets and soft drinks, children also start gaining weight. Therefore, a lot of attention should be paid to the diet of children.

Lack of exercise: Children who are less interested in sports or do not exercise, they are not able to reduce calories in sufficient quantity. Keeping mobile, watching TV and eating and drinking while lying on the bed or sofa throughout the day causes obesity in children.

Family reasons: If the child's parents or people in the family have obesity problem, then the child's risk of gaining weight will also be high. The first reason behind this is genetic and the second reason is that children who have people suffering from obesity in their home, there must be a poor lifestyle and the presence of high-calorie foods. Due to which children can also fall prey to the same lifestyle and food.

Psychological reasons: There are also psychological reasons like stress behind the weight gain of some children. This stress can be personal or can come from parents or family. Some children are at risk of overeating or lifestyle disorders due to stress.

Medicines or hormonal changes: Sometimes the consumption of certain medicines can also lead to weight gain in children. Along with this, hormonal changes in the body can also be responsible for weight gain. If the child is gaining weight after taking any medicine for a long time or without any reason, then definitely consult a doctor.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given only for the purpose of education.

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