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Sunday, September 12, 2021

What happens if a virus attacks your respiratory system? Not only corona, many viruses become the cause of death

The first and second wave of Corona have badly affected countries around the world. 
Crores of people got caught in it, lakhs of people have died. However, the arrival of its medicine and vaccine has brought a lot of relief. At this time, on hearing the name of the virus, only one name comes in everyone's mind of Corona virus i.e. Sars Cov-2.

But there are also many other viruses affecting the respiratory system, such as Influenza-A (IAV) and Respiratory Syncytic Virus (RAC), which cause a large number of deaths every year. There is no vaccine or effective treatment for any of these viruses except Influenza and Sars Cov-2.

What do research studies say?

A recent research study conducted at the University of Glasgow explains what happens when more than one virus attacks the human body at once and what we should do to prevent them. According to researchers, this condition is called 'co-infection'.

Research shows that more than one virus can be the cause in 30 percent of cases of infection. This means that at some point two different viruses are infecting the cells of your nose or lungs. When these different viruses combine within the same cell, a new form of the virus appears and it is called 'antigenic shift'.

What happened when 2 viruses got infected?

In the research study, cells were infected with IAV and RSV. Researchers found that some human lung cells were infected with both viruses and that the virus that emerged from the cell had characteristics of both viruses. Some of the new forms had the proteins of both viruses on their surface, while some even had the same genes for both.

Study necessary for vaccine, but safety is needed first

The study of microbes is extremely important for the development of vaccines and treatments. But the first essential is safety. Here, it is also important to mention that the researchers did not do any genetic engineering in this study, but through the model they understood what is happening in the real world and also in a safe environment in the laboratory.

Researchers clearly say that there are many stages of progression of any disease. How diseases spread, their cause is bacteria, virus or other pathogens… It is necessary to study it. Because only after studying about them, a medicine for treatment or a vaccine for prevention can be made. But first of all, safety is important.

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