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Sunday, September 12, 2021

This electric truck made a world record, traveled 1,099 km without charging

Not only are there cars that are being converted to electric vehicles but here automakers like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are also trying to bring in electric trucks to get a full electric portfolio. 
This includes Europe's Futuricum, a commercial vehicle brand, which has partnered with DPD Switzerland and Continental Tires to develop and manufacture electric trucks.

In such a situation, now this team recently created a Guinness World Record for the longest distance covered by an electric truck without recharging. For the record, the partners used an e-truck which is already in use for the last six months in delivery traffic. The e-truck, which is a modified Volvo unit, covered a distance of 1,099 km without stopping to recharge.

The electric vehicle was driven on a 2.8 km long, oval test track at Continental's in-house test center, Contidrome. Two drivers drove the e-truck and completed 392 laps in 23 hours. The truck had an average speed of 50 kmph (31 mph), which the company said is a true average value for everyday use.

Mark Frank, Director of Strategy and Innovation, DPD Switzerland, shares that companies decided to invest in electric mobility at an early stage. “The e-truck can cover a distance of around 300 kms every day without any problem. We are proud that we are now able to officially document our level of performance.”

Adrian Meliger, CEO of Designwerk Products AG, the company behind the Futuricum brand, said that this electric truck has a battery capacity of 680 kWh which is the largest truck battery in Europe on board. The truck weighing 19 tons has a power output of over 680 hp.

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