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Friday, September 10, 2021

Parenting Tips: These mistakes can ruin your child's entire life

It is said that the first school of children is their home because it is from here that they get their values. 
Even at home, the child has the most influence on his parents because children follow their parents in life. But many times we do not take care of these things, due to which our wrong activities sit in the mind of the children. If you think that the child will grow up and forget all that, then you are wrong.

The child remembers everything and as he grows up, he repeats those things. Sometimes your child's whole life can be ruined due to some of your mistakes. Therefore, parents should always be alert in this matter and should not do any such behavior in front of the children, which will have an adverse effect on them. Know here about some such mistakes that should never be done in front of the child.


Children should always be kept away from fighting. Try not to let this happen at home because the kind of environment you give to the child, it will become the same. Seeing the fight and quarrel, anger also develops in the nature of the child. He becomes irritable and learns to fight. This habit can affect his entire future.

to lie

You must have seen that today's children have started telling lies in a very smart way. Sometimes it becomes difficult to catch their lies. But the truth is that children also learn this art from their own home. Sometimes you lie in front of your children with confidence and sometimes you ask the children to lie to hide your things. Seeing this, the child also learns to lie.

to abuse

Nowadays people have forgotten the culture of talking. Abusing talk on the matter has become a part of their habit. When children see their family members or parents talking like this, they do not understand the difference between right and wrong and learn abusive language.

don't compare

Sometimes parents start comparing them with other children to teach and motivate the child. But this method is wrong. Comparison weakens the self-confidence of children and gives them an inferiority complex. So never compare the child.

cigarette and alcohol consumption

If you sit in front of your child and smoke cigarettes and alcohol, then you should not expect that your child will not do the same when he grows up. The child will get used to what you are doing today. Growing up, it may be that the child starts taking more intoxicants than him. So don't promote such things.

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