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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Identify the symptoms of dengue in this way

Symptoms Of Dengue: According to a paper by AIIMS (AIIMS), Aedes mosquitoes breed rapidly between July and October.

Symptoms Of Dengue: Corona has made life difficult for everyone. Its havoc has not stopped yet. On the other hand, there are many diseases that start with fever which often trouble us. Dengue fever is one of them. It is an infectious disease spread by the bite of the Aedes mosquito. These days the outbreak of dengue has increased again. It spreads rapidly in the rainy and post-rainy months. All India Research Institute According to a paper by AIIMS, the Aedes mosquito breeds rapidly between July and October. These days the rain water collects at places where it starts growing. It causes high fever and severe headache. If it is not treated at the right time, the patient may even die. Dengue disease has taken the form of an epidemic in Delhi and its surrounding areas in 1996. Therefore it should not be ignored. According to AIIMS, there are three types of dengue fever. It is important to know the symptoms of these three.

The symptoms of simple dengue fever are-
sudden onset of high fever with chills.
Pain in the head, muscles and joints.
Pain in the back of the eyes, which gets worse by pressing or moving the eyes.
Feeling of extreme weakness, extreme loss of appetite and nausea.
Bad taste in mouth.
Slight pain in throat.
Making the patient feel extremely sad and ill.
Redness on the body.

Symptoms of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Along with the symptoms of
simple dengue fever, symptoms like bleeding from nose and gums, blood in defecation or vomit, bluish-black spots on the skin etc.

Symptoms of Dengue Shock Syndrome 
Apart from the above symptoms, the patient becomes restless and his skin remains cool despite fever.
The patient gradually loses consciousness. The pulse of the patient feels fast and weak. The blood pressure of the patient also starts decreasing.

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