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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Bajrang Punia has won the bronze medal

New Delhi:
 Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia has done wonders in the Tokyo Olympics. He has won a bronze medal for the country.

Bajrang Punia won bronze medal

India's Bajrang Punia and Kazakhstan's D. Niyazbekov are facing each other for the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics. In the opening minutes, both the players were showing excellent game performance and neither player took any point. But Bajrang tried continuously and took 1 point. The Kazakhstan player tried hard but Poonia did not give him a single chance and Bajrang went 2-0 up in the first period. In the second period, Poonia took a brilliant 4 points and took the lead in the game. In the end, Bajrang did wonders, he did not allow the opponent to take a single point and won the match 8-0.

Let us tell you that now India has won a total of 6 medals in the Tokyo Olympics.

Bajrang was defeated in the semi-finals 

Bajrang started the match well and got one point, but Haji made a quick comeback to collect four points. Bajrang trailed 1-4 in the first period. In the second period as well, Haji completely overpowered Bajrang and scored four points. However, Bajrang again picked up two points and tried to narrow the gap. But Haji again took a point after beating them.

After this Bajrang took two points and at this time the match started looking tough. However, Haji again scored two more points. Haji won one more point by making the match one-sided. In the second period, Haji took an 8-4 lead. Bajrang was one of India's biggest medal hopefuls at the Tokyo Olympics but his dream of getting a gold medal was shattered. However, he still has an opportunity to bring a bronze medal.

Dhobi defeated in the quarter finals

Bajrang Punia faced Iran Morteza Ghiasi Cheka in the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. Bajrang defeated Muterza Ghiasi Cheka 2-1. Bajrang, a medal contender for India in Tokyo, won on the basis of victory by fall. Asian Games champion Bajrang was trailing 0-1 at the end of the first period but went 2-1 ahead with two points in the second quarter. In the last minute, Bajrang played his bet and struck the Irani wrestler.

Bajrang reached the quarter-finals with a difficult victory. In this match, Bajrang was facing Kyrgyzstan's Irnazar Akmatalev. The final score was 3-3 but as he managed to score more points in the first period, he was declared the winner.

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