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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Neeraj Chopra creates history by winning gold medal, first gold in 100 years in athletics

India's male javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has created history by winning a medal in the Tokyo Olympics-2020. 
He won the gold medal on Saturday with a throw of 87.58m and with this he has become the player to get India the first Olympic medal in athletics. Before Neeraj, almost no one had given India a medal in athletics. At the same time, he is the second Indian player in the Olympics who has won a gold medal in the singles event. Before Neeraj, male shooter Abhinav Bindra had given India a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics-2008. Neeraj threw a throw of 87.03 meters in his first attempt. In the second attempt, Neeraj made a better throw of 87.58. Neeraj's third attempt, however, did not go well and he could only throw a throw of 76.79. Neeraj fouled in the fourth and fifth attempts.

Neeraj had performed brilliantly in his very first attempt in qualification. He threw a distance of 86.65 meters in the first attempt and made it to the final. 12 players had reached the final, out of which Neeraj was number one and on Saturday he also managed to create history by performing brilliantly in the final. The Razach medal went to Czech Republic's Jacob Vadledge, who threw his best throw of 86.67m. His home country's Wesley went on to win the bronze with a best throw of 85.44.

Neeraj's tough rival waiter failed

Neeraj was a medal contender in this event but in between him and the gold medal was his tough rival Johannes Vetter of Germany, but Vetter could not live up to the expectations. He threw 82.52 in his first attempt but his next two attempts were fouls and meanwhile the rest of the players did well, leaving Waiter out of the medal race. However, his compatriot Yulian Weber was in the race for the medal as well as Vitejslav Wesley of the Czech Republic.

Germany's Johannes Vetter covered a distance of 82.52 in his first attempt. At the same time, his compatriot Yulian Weber could throw the javelin to a distance of 85.03. Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan could throw the javelin to a distance of 82.40. After the first round, Neeraj was in first place followed by Beber and Waiter and Nadeem. In the second attempt too, Neeraj threw a strong throw but the waiter could not do much. His second attempt was a foul. He also fell in this attempt. Nadeem's second attempt was also a foul. Even after the end of the second round, Neeraj was in the first place while Yulian was on the second. The waiter could not even correct the third attempt and this attempt was also his foul. After that he went out.

Czech Republic's Jakob Vadlage took second place with a throw of 86.67m in his fifth attempt, where Wesley moved to third and Webber moved to fourth. Webber threw 85.15 in the fifth attempt but could not make it to the top-3. Wesley threw 84.98 in the fifth attempt. In the last attempt, Weber could only throw a throw of 75.72 and was out of the race for the medal.

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