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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Do not do this work even by mistake on Saturday, please Shani Dev like this

Do Not Do These Things On Saturday: Worship of Shani Dev is done on Saturday. On this day some work should be avoided.

Do Not Do These Things On Saturday: Saturday is considered dedicated to Lord Shani. On this day Shani Dev is worshipped. At the same time, some work should be avoided on this day. Because by doing this Shani Dev gets angry. There are many people who do not get any work done on Saturday. If something similar happens to you, then you should take some special precautions and do some work to make Shani calm and happy. You can please Shani Dev with some special worship method and get his blessings.

Do not do this work on Saturday

Avoid these works
If the special grace of Shani is water, then you should avoid doing some work on Saturday. It is believed that if you cut your nails or hair on this day, then Shani Dev can be angry with you.

Donate On
this day you should donate as much as you can. It is said that apart from the temple, you can also donate goods to any needy person.

Do not torture
Shani Dev has a special attachment to animals. You should not torture animals to keep Shani Dev happy. Along with this, bread should be fed to dogs, cows, goats and animals and birds.

Do not bring these things, it is
said that iron should not be brought into the house on Saturdays. If you are planning to bring any iron item in the house on this day, then you should avoid it.

Worship method of Saturday - On Saturday,
first of all, after getting up in the Brahma Muhurta, take a bath and wear clean clothes and offer water to the Peepal tree.
After this, bathe the idol of Lord Shani made of iron with Panchamrit.
Worship with black sesame seeds, flowers, incense, black clothes and oil.
These ten names of Shani Dev - Konastha, Krishna, Pippala, Sauri, Yama, Pinglo, Rodrotko, Babhru, Mand, Shanaishchar, chant these ten names of Shani Dev during worship.
Perform seven rounds on the trunk of the Peepal tree with a thread of yarn. 

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