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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

There is hemophilia in the family history, so keep these things in mind during pregnancy

If there is a problem of hemophilia in the family history of the pregnant woman, then the woman needs to be very cautious and take precautions while pregnant, so that the child can be saved from its danger.

Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder. The child gets this problem from the mother's womb itself. If a person suffering from hemophilia starts bleeding due to an accident or injury, then it does not stop easily because the blood clotting factor-8 is less in the body of a person suffering from hemophilia. Because of this, this problem sometimes proves to be fatal.

If a pregnant woman is suffering from this disease herself, or has a history of hemophilia in either of her paternal and maternal families, then the woman needs to take care of some special things to protect the child from its effects. Is.

- If there is a family history indicate the course to your doctor about it.

Get the Rh factor checked with medical advice.

Get genetic counseling and avoid negative thoughts completely.

- Stay offer his RH Factor Czech but also from time to time after childbirth.

take special care of food

According to experts, factor-8 is a type of protein, which we get from food rich in nutrients. The woman should inform the specialist in advance about the family history related to hemophilia and with his advice prepare such a diet so that there is no deficiency of factor-8 protein in her body. During this time, if the woman is careless about the nutrition, then the risk of hemophilia in the child increases, as well as many other diseases can also surround it. Therefore, at such times, all pregnant women should take special care of their diet.

Be careful when you see these symptoms

- be bleeding too long scratches on coming.

- Bleeding from the nose without reason.

- be blood in the urine or stool.

- redness at the knees, pain and keep inflammation.

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