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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Never drink tea just after the meal it is dangerous for your stomach

There will be many of you who are used to drinking tea immediately after lunch or after breakfast. 
If you are one of them or any of your friends have this habit, then stop it now. Drinking tea immediately after eating food can be very dangerous for you. Let us tell you how many hours after eating food you should drink tea.

Drink tea or coffee after 1 hour

If you have to drink tea-coffee after a meal, then drink it only after 1 hour. Within 1 hour of eating food, the body digests or absorbs the iron present in the food to a great extent. If tea is drunk with food or immediately after eating, then iron is not completely digested in the body and then you may have iron deficiency.

It was claimed in many researches that drinking tea during or after a meal helps in expelling the gas formed in the stomach, due to which our digestive system remains correct. But in a study conducted by Oxford University, it has been said that it should always be kept in mind that not all types of tea are beneficial in these cases.

Green tea and herbal tea is fine

Green tea, herbal teas like ginger tea which are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols are very beneficial for our digestion system. Tea helps our digestive system to produce salvia, bile and gastric juice. Due to the high amount of antioxidants in them, they act as powerful anti-inflammatory which reduces many deficiencies related to our digestion. Green tea and herbal tea contain a polyphenolic called catkin and it increases the ability of enzymes and acids present in the digestive system.

Stay away from this habit if you are iron deficient

Some research has said that the phenolic compound found in tea makes it difficult for iron to be digested by forming iron complexes in the inner layers of our intestines. It is said that if you want to drink tea along with food, then include things rich in iron and vitamin C in your diet so that the deficiency can be overcome. Such people who are deficient in iron should never drink tea with food. On the other hand, drinking tea while eating food reduces catkin in the body. Catkin is an element found in tea that is very important for our psychological state.

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