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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Know why First AC Coach Ticket fare is very expensive and which type of facilities given in it check here

There is arrangement for traveling for every class in Indian trains. 
Those who cannot afford the high fare, they can travel cheaply, while there are special arrangements in the train for the people of luxury lifestyle too. There are many AC coaches in the train and there is a lot of difference in the fare of these coaches, in which the first AC fare is the highest. But, have you ever wondered why the first AC fare is the highest…

Although there are many AC coaches in the train, but what facilities are provided in First AC, due to which the ticket of First AC is so expensive. Know that about those special features of First AC, due to which its fare is so expensive…

Why is the first AC coach different?

By the way, AC is installed in third AC coach and second AC coach and there is almost same AC in first AC as well. But, due to the number of seats and private space, the fare of First AC is very high. Third AC has the same seating arrangement as sleeper, only AC is installed, so its ticket rate is very low. But the first AC has a completely different arrangement and this coach does not have side seats.

Different cabins are made in it and these cabins have a sliding door. There are 2 or four seats in a cabin. It does not have a middle or upper seat system. At the same time, in many coaches, wash basins are also installed in it. By the way, the special identity of First AC is only because of privacy and space. If you are two people then you can use the cabin as a room and its gate can also be closed from inside. It gives a special kind of privacy. At the same time, there is a carpet on the floor.

On the other hand, if we talk about food, then food comes from outside for other coaches, whereas for first AC passengers, food is prepared in the train and it is a carte menu. That is, there is a menu like a restaurant, on the basis of which the food is ordered. This facility is available in only a few trains. In such a situation, if you are two people, then you feel that you are traveling sitting in a room. Apart from this, special facilities are given to the passengers of this coach in the train.

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