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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Have you had garlic tea? Know its benefits before including it in the diet

Health Benefits Of Garlic Tea: Garlic tea is considered very beneficial to fight against hypertension and diabetes.

Health Benefits Of Garlic Tea: Eating garlic is very good for the stomach. The immunity of the body also increases by eating garlic. You must have eaten garlic in many ways. While garlic enhances the taste of food, on the other hand some people like to eat it in the form of pickle. Taking care of their health, many people eat only roasted or raw garlic. But have you ever heard of garlic tea? Many people shy away from doing any kind of experiment in tea. In such a situation, if you are told that garlic tea is beneficial for health, then perhaps you drink its tea. Garlic is used for herbs. Let us tell you how garlic tea is made and how it benefits the body.

Garlic tea benefits -
Garlic tea is considered very beneficial for fighting hypertension and diabetes. So it can be easily made at home. Adding lemon and honey to garlic tea further enhances its quality.

It is recommended to drink garlic tea for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. This tea is great for metabolism, immunity and good health. This tea also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

-Garlic tea is rich in Vitamin-C. This is the reason why it helps in controlling the level of cholesterol in the body and protects against heart problems.

How to make Garlic Tea
To make it, put water in a pot and when it starts boiling, add tea leaves to it. Then add grated garlic and add ginger and keep it to boil for a few seconds. Then add some cardamom powder and cloves to it. When it boils well, then turn off the gas and filter it and drink it after mixing honey.

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