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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Research: Blood Pressure Rising Due To Poverty, Shocking Report Of WHO

Blood Pressure Rising Due To Poverty: In The Last 30 Years, There Has Been A Big Change In The Cases Of High Blood Pressure. 
Its Cases Are Decreasing In High-Income Countries And Increasing In Low-Income Countries. Rich Countries Have Learned Over Time How To Control High Blood Pressure, But What About Poor Countries?

In The Latest Report Of The World Health Organization (WHO), It Has Been Said That Poverty And Obesity Are Also The Reasons For Increasing Blood Pressure I.E. Hypertension In People Around The World. Obesity Increases The Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke And Kidney Diseases. Most Of The People Do Not Get Timely Treatment Due To Lack Of Knowledge.

This Joint Research On High Blood Pressure By Researchers From WHO And Imperial College London Has Been Published By The World's Famous Science Journal 'Lancet'. According To Research, At Present 150 Crore People Worldwide Are Suffering From Hypertension. When Someone's Blood Pressure Reaches The Level Of 140/90, It Is Called Hypertension.

The WHO Says That In 2019, 1.79 Crore People Died Due To Heart Diseases. High Blood Pressure Is Responsible For One Third Of These Deaths. This Is Also Because The Patients Of Hypertension Do Not Understand This Disease. Its Symptoms Are Not Visible, Hence This Disease Is Also Called Silent Killer.

Professor Majid Izzati Of Imperial College London Describes It As A Condition Related To Poverty. According To Him, In Countries Connected With Africa, South Asia And Pacific Islands, Patients Are Still Not Getting The Treatment They Need.

How To Avoid

If A Person Suffering From Obesity Loses One Kilogram, Then The Blood Pressure Decreases. Blood Pressure Is Also Related To Waist. If A Man's Waist Is More Than 40 Inches And A Woman's Waist Is More Than 35 Inches, Then Its Risk Is High. It Takes 20 Minutes For The Heartbeat To Return To Normal After Smoking A Cigarette. It Is Better To Leave It.

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