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Monday, August 2, 2021

Due to this, dark spots and pigmentation are happening on the face, change these habits immediately

Dark Spots And Pigmentation Around Face: Sometimes dark spots and dark spots appear on the face, which reduces the attractiveness of the face.

Dark Spots And Pigmentation Around Face:   What we do not do for clean spotless skin, but small dark spots appear on the face. To remove it, we try from different types of cosmetic products to home remedies, but these do not go away. In such a situation, if we know why this happens, then we can avoid it. Because if the pigmentation and spots on the face are kept away, then our skin can look less for ten years. So let us know why such pigmentation happens on the face and how we can avoid them.

1.excess screen time

Let us tell you that not only in the sun, but if you use mobile, laptop TV, etc. for a long time, your skin can also be affected. By spending more time in front of the screen, your skin comes in direct contact with the light. Actually, if you stay in front of fluorescent light for a long time at home, then it becomes harmful for the skin and there may be a problem of hyperpigmentation. In such a situation, use lotion with SPF at home daily.

2. Exfoliating too much

Many times people start scrubbing so much in the cycle of skin care that we have to bear the loss. In such a situation, if your skin is sensitive or problematic, then the problem increases even more. In such a situation, excessive exfoliation can cause hyperpigmentation.

3.Breaking Pimples

Generally, this habit is seen in boys that if any acne or pimples have come on the face, then they do not get peace without touching them and boils. But this habit of yours can become more trouble for the skin.

4. Not applying sunscreen  

Many people think that sunscreen can be used only if you want to go in the sun, but let us tell you that you should apply sunscreen all the time. Not only this, you should reapply sunscreen in 3-4 hours. Especially under the eyes and in sensitive areas.

5. Night Time Skin Care

If night time skin care treatment does not suit you, then do not use it and if it suits you, then wake up in the morning and clean your face thoroughly and then apply sunscreen. In this way night time skin care products will not harm your skin. 

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