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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The risk of urinary tract infection increases in the rainy season, there is a prick in the urine

UTI means urinary tract infection, this disease can happen to anyone. Newborns and children aged 5 to 6 years can also be at risk. But this disease is most common to women. During the rainy season, the problem increases for them. The risk of infection is high due to the humidity of the weather. Women in the vaginal area are at this risk. Mainly women must be aware of this. Let us know what is urinary tract infection, its symptoms, ways to avoid it -

what is urinary tract infection

About 70 percent of women in the world have this disease at one time or another. If cleanliness is not taken care of, then the chances of this disease increase. The biggest reason for this disease is to hold urine. Because of this, the infection starts spreading inside the kidney. Also sitting on a dirty English toilet seat. Because of this, a woman of any age can get the infection.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection

Burning sensation while passing urine. Another major reason for this is dehydration i.e. lack of water in the body.
Sharp prickling and burning sensation while passing urine.
The biggest reason for UTI is the strong pressure of urine and only a few drops of urine come.
- Urine in beige color.
- Patient has severe fatigue, weakness, tremors. Fever with chills

Measures to prevent urinary tract infection

1. Drink water - Yes, due to lack of water, you will be healthy, you will not be in the grip of other diseases. Actually, due to lack of water, you start having many problems related to stomach.

2. Drinking cranberry juice will provide relief in the risk of urinary infection. And the burning will also be less.

3. Consuming coconut water is most beneficial. Coconut water fulfills the burning sensation of the stomach, the lack of water.

4. Antifungal and antibacterial properties are found in garlic. This will give relief in infection. Although garlic is hot, so take it with the advice of a doctor.

5.Coriander powder keeps cool. In such a situation, boil the powder in milk and drink 1 glass every morning. Apart from this, soak coriander and gooseberry powder in equal quantity and keep it overnight. And in the morning filter this water and drink it. You will get relief soon.

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