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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

This health test is necessary after the age of 40, take care of your mental health like this

Have you reached the age of 40? If yes, then this information is for you only. The age of 40 is a very delicate stage for women. This is the time when you have to be fully conscious for the life ahead. Let us know from the doctor how to maintain your health plan after 40. How do you have to take care of your mental health too? Read doctor's advice here

Dr Manju Puri, a gynecologist and obstetrician at Lady Hardinge Medical College, says that from the age of 40, there is a change from hormones to muscles in women. Doctor Puri says that at this age it is most important that you keep your weight under control. Hormonal changes come in this age, as well as the fat around the stomach starts increasing. That is why it is important to keep your weight under cont...

Sugar and lipid test required 

Dr Puri says that from the age of 40, the dangers of age related sugar start increasing. After the age of 45, the risk of sugar in women is more. Therefore, from the age of 40, it should be continuously tested. Along with this, manipulation of lipids starts from this age itself. Harmful lipids start increasing at this age and they are less good, so keep getting the lipid test done. 

Mammography - keep having pap smear tests 

The risk of cancer etc. also increases from the age of 40. Therefore, one should become very aware about cancer of uterus and breast ovary. Women should get mammography done from time to time. At the same time, to prevent cancer of the mouth of this uterus, pap smear test should be done every three years to prevent it.

Be aware of even simple symptoms 

Many times women are not able to be aware of themselves at this age. But if some symptoms like menstruation start coming more, then it can also be cancer of uterus, for this investigation should be done early. Apart from this, the general symptom should also be monitored. For example, if the stomach is bloating or appetite is disturbed, then special care should be taken in such a situation, it can be a sign of serious disease related to ovary. 

Vitamin D test is also necessary 

In women, bones often become weak after menopause, so a vitamin D test must be done. Apart from this, taking calcium should also be started. The diet should also be kept in such a way that the balance of vitamins and calcium-iron is maintained in the body. 

Dr Puri says that just as an old car demands a little oiling and more maintenance, in the same way we should increase our care with our increasing age. We should love ourselves more. If we do not strengthen the muscles and joints, then the body will become weak rapidly. So do exercises that strengthe the muscles.

Take care of mental health too 

Starting from this age, until 45 years of age, abnormalities in periods start appearing in women. Therefore, symptoms. of mood swings, mild depression and anxiety start coming in women. Then it has been seen in many patients that after the age of 45, they become more prominent. Therefore, women should turn towards their spiritual direction or towards their hobby for their mental health. Also, your sleeping and waking time should be improved.  

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