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Saturday, August 7, 2021

10 lakh insurance is available on train ticket for 49 paise, know why it is important?

You have to invest only 49 paise and you or your family can get the benefit of sum insured up to Rs 10 lakh. 
Railways is providing this facility. According to one figure, about 2 crore passengers travel on Indian Railways every day. But very few of these people will know that they are provided insurance of lakhs on train tickets for less than one rupee. Let us know in which circumstances this insurance can be useful for you.

What is IRCTC Offer?

You will get the benefit of this insurance facility by booking tickets through Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ie E-tickets of Indian Railways. The ticket should also be of reserved category. Insurance will be an option only at the time of booking the ticket on IRCTC website. By clicking on which you will have to give permission to take insurance. 49 paise will be deducted with more tickets as soon as permission is given. At present, this facility is not available at the reserved class ticket counters or general tickets of the Railways. The benefit of travel insurance of Rs 10 lakh will be available only to those with confirmed and RAC tickets. This insurance is not available for children below 5 years of age.

Who gets the benefit of insurance?

How much the claim will be received depends on the loss caused in the accident. It is divided into 5 sections. If you are carrying the remains of the dead and during that time an accident happens then you get a claim of Rs 10,000. On the other hand, if you get injured and hospitalized during the journey, then a claim of Rs 2 lakh is available, in case of partial disability due to an accident during the train journey, a claim of Rs 7,50,000 is available. On the other hand, in case of permanent disability and death due to accident, a claim of Rs 10,00,000 is available.

Nominee details can also be filled

After booking the ticket from IRCTC, a link to fill the details of the nominee is also received through your mobile and e-mail, by clicking on which you can directly go to the website of the insurance company and fill the details of the nominee. On opening the link through mail or SMS, the details of your ticket such as PNR, name etc. come on the page of the insurance company. In which the necessary details can be updated by filling. If there is a diversion of the train due to any reason, then the coverage for the diverted route is applicable in this case also. Once the premium is paid by the passengers, the facility of cancellation is not available.

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