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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Sleep Walking: Know why people are victims of sleep walking, what are its symptoms

Know All About Sleepwalking: If you or any member of your family is sleepwalking at night, then do not take it lightly. Know its symptoms and causes.

Sleepwalking Symptoms And Cause: We have seen incidents of sleep walking in horror movies but it can actually be a problem of any common person. Yes, actually it is a medical condition which is also called Somnambulism. In such a situation, a person wakes up in sleep and sits down and sometimes even starts walking. Sometimes sleep walking can also lead to serious accidents. In such a situation, if it is treated at the right time, then it can be cured.

what is the symptom

According to MayoClinic , the symptoms of sleepwalking are usually seen at night. It starts after going into deep sleep and its symptoms can last for several minutes. Talking about its symptoms, getting out of bed and moving around, sitting on the bed and keeping your eyes open, no reaction or conversation with others, being distracted or confused for a short time after waking up, etc lives.

what is sleep terror

Many times people go into extreme conditions during sleepwalking and sometimes become violent. Doing daily routine activities while sleeping, such as getting dressed, talking or eating food etc., leaving the house, driving a car while sleeping, urinating here and there, falling down stairs or windows etc.

so what to do

Although sleep walking is a common medical condition, but if it starts turning into a sleep terror, then a doctor's advice becomes necessary.

These are the reasons for sleepwalking

Mayoclinink said, to sleep time set to prevent Sleepwalking and adequate sleep is very important.

Apart from this, avoid stress, anxiety as far as possible and for this include yoga meditation etc. in lifestyle.

Get up early in the morning and make a habit of sleeping early at night.

Do daily workouts and walk etc.

Avoid excessive consumption of caffeinated substances.

-Turn off all the lights in the room while sleeping.

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