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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

This is the most expensive 'meal' in the world, you will be surprised to know the price

Food is a necessity of our life, without it we cannot survive. 
However, now many people are fond of not only filling their stomachs but also trying something new. Keeping in mind this same habit, many luxurious restaurants around the world are adding new dishes from time to time to increase their business. Such dishes are often expensive and not everyone can afford to pay the bill. Today we will look at one of the most expensive food dishes in the world.

This is the most expensive meal in the world

The most expensive food in the world is the caviar diamond meal, which is actually a sturgeon made from the eggs of a rare Iranian beluga fish, 60 to 100 years old. This dish is only available at Caviar House and Prenier in Piccadilly, London. Once fully made, this caviar diamond meal sells for હજાર 36,000, or an estimated Rs 27 lakh per teaspoon.

Lindeth Howe pudding dessert

This is the most expensive dessert in the world. It is made from high-end Belgian chocolate, gold, caviar and 2 carat diamonds. This is served on top of a Fabregas egg. This dessert sells for 34 thousand 531 dollars per pudding. In other words, a piece of it costs about 25 lakh 76 thousand rupees.

Yubari King Melon-Melon

Yubari King Melon is a Japanese watermelon. It is orange on the inside. Its sweetness has a distinct aroma. Growing in Japan, this watermelon is the most expensive fruit in the world. Yubari melons cost up to Rs 6,000. However, in an auction, it was up to હજાર 29,000. Wealthy people in Japan give this watermelon as a happy occasion.

Meat pie dish

Meat pie dishes are available in Lancashire, UK. This meat pie is made by mixing the most expensive foods in the world, Japanese whipped beef, Chinese maitsutke mushroom, winter black truffle and French bluefoot mushroom. It costs about 14 thousand dollars, i.e. 10 lakh 45 thousand rupees. It is decorated with gold work which makes it the most expensive dish in the world.

Louis XIII Pizza

Louis XIII pizza is made by mixing rare foods. This is kept for 72 hours and spices are mixed in it. It is then covered with buffalo mozzarella. The cheese is then mixed with the cheese on the pizza. Once fully prepared, the pizza sells for about હજાર 12,000, or about Rs 9 lakh.

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