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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

In this country, girls are undergoing plastic surgery before marriage, a growing trend, know why

China is in constant debate for its bizarre trend. 
From Chinese cuisine to law, people do not easily embrace it. One more new trend has started in China which you may find really strange. Most Chinese girls are taking a big risk even before marriage, meaning that most Chinese girls are undergoing hymenoplasty to maintain their virginity.

Girls of this age are undergoing surgery

According to a report, most of the girls who are about to get married undergo hymen surgery. According to a gynecologist from Zhou Hong, most of the girls who are young come for hymen surgery. Most of these women are girls between the ages of 22 and 35. He says he performs at least 20 hymen surgeries a month and that number is steadily rising.

The trend is constantly growing

Doctors say the currency of hymen surgery has increased in the last 15 years. Now there are also many married women who are showing interest in surgery. However, only unmarried girls are more likely to undergo this type of surgery.

What is Hymen Surgery or Hymenoplasty?

According to doctors, girls' vaginas have a membrane called hymen. This membrane is damaged after having sex or in girls who are involved in sports. The doctor performs surgery to restore the membrane, which is called hymenoplasty.

Virginity test for girls

Not only that, there have been several cases in China in which girls were forced to undergo alleged virginity tests. This is why girls are forced to undergo hymen surgery due to fear before marriage.

The currency of plastic surgery increased

Not only that, the trend of plastic surgery has also increased in China. The girls here know the latest update about cosmetic surgery. With each scroll he tries to learn something new about this. The word gangmai is very popular on social media which means lovely. There are many such social media platforms in China. Gangmei is one of them, where users share information related to liposuction and nose surgery such as plastic surgery.

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