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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Do you also make the mistake of boiling milk again and again? Know the damage

Milk is very beneficial for health. 
Milk is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and many minerals, which helps in providing complete nutrition to the body. Milk strengthens the body, but did you know that many people make many mistakes when boiling milk.

Because of this one mistake of yours, the body will not be able to get the full benefit of milk. Many women boil milk for a long time to thicken it. At the same time, some women make the mistake of boiling milk frequently. When it comes to boiling milk, some people slow down the gas and keep the milk boiling for a long time.

This is done because the microorganisms in the milk are destroyed. Some people boil milk for a long time to get thick cream from the milk. But did you know that none of these ways of boiling milk are correct.

In fact, many researches have shown that prolonged boiling or frequent boiling of milk destroys its nutrients. Because of this, your body may not get the full benefits of milk. Do you know the proper way to boil milk?

The right way to boil milk

1- The correct way to boil milk is to keep the milk on the flame and keep stirring it with a spoon or a fork.

2- Turn off the gas when the milk comes to boil.

3- Don't make the mistake of boiling milk once and boiling it again and again.

4- Every time you boil milk, its nutrients will be destroyed.

5- Try to boil the milk once. If it looks like the milk is spoiled, you can boil it one more time.

Keep these things in mind while drinking milk

1- If you drink milk after a meal, eat only half full, otherwise you may have digestive problems.

2- Do not drink milk with eggplant and onion food, it can cause skin diseases.

3- Never drink milk with fish and non-veg. This can lead to white spots or leucoderma on the skin.

4- Do not drink milk immediately after a meal. This can cause heaviness in the stomach and digestive problems.

5- Avoid eating salty things with milk.

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