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Friday, June 4, 2021

If you drink tea with milk stale mouth then be careful, it can make poison in the stomach

Side Effect of Tea: Many people like to wake up in the morning and drink stale tea. 
If you also wake up early in the morning and drink tea with milk, then you need to be careful immediately. The people of India have a habit that they usually start the day with tea. There are some people who are addicted to such tea, until they do not drink stale tea early in the morning, the beginning of their day remains incomplete.

There has always been a tradition of drinking and drinking tea in our country. If any guest comes to our house, first we offer them tea. But do you know that drinking stale mouth milk tea can be harmful for you. The practice of drinking tea by adding milk and sugar is common in India, but this tea is the most harmful.

People do not drink milk by adding milk in developed countries.

In developed countries like England and America, most people do not drink tea by adding milk. People in those countries also use sugar in small quantities. Although in India there is more trend of drinking tea by adding a lot of milk. In India, people also add more sugar to tea, because people here like to drink sweet tea.

In this way, if you wake up in the morning and your habit of drinking tea has turned into a craving, then it can lead to many serious diseases. Drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning and drinking tea for a long time can lead to a fatal disease like Skeletal Fluorosis. Skeletal fluorosis disease makes the bones hollow inside. This can also become a disaster for your life.

Skeletal fluorosis disease risk 

After having Skeletal Fluorosis disease, a person starts having pain like arthritis. Due to which there is complaint of back pain, joint pain besides pain in hands and feet. The mineral fluoride is found in tea, it is very dangerous for bones. Excess intake of fluoride in the body increases the chances of skeletal fluorosis in the bones. Tea also prevents the bones from getting calcium. Apart from this, drinking excessive amount of tea causes ulcers and hyperacidity.

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