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Friday, June 4, 2021

Do you know how hair business is done? You will be surprised to know the cost of one kilo of hair

As long as you have hair on your head, you value it a lot. 
If someone applies shampoo, then someone tries to keep them healthy with different indigenous remedies. But, after hair loss, they throw them away or get cut and leave them in the salon and many people donate them to the temple. But, do you know that the hair which you consider useless, the same hair is doing business of crores of rupees all over the world. Yes, these hairs are sold at an expensive price.

Your hair is not sold for 100-200 rupees per kg, but 25 to 30 thousand rupees per kg. It may be that in your city a person would come in the street and take the hair and give some utensils or goods in return for it. This person is part of a business worth crores of rupees, who buys hair from you in a small amount and sends them forward and they are sold abroad. In such a situation, know how the business of hair is done and some special things related to it…

When did business start?

By the way, it is difficult to tell a certain time when the business of hair started. But, in many reports, it has been said that from the year 1840, there is evidence of hair being a business. During that time, hair was bought at the Country Fair of France and in many fairs girls used to auction their hair. After this, gradually this business started growing and hair was needed in Europe.

After this, girls from many countries started selling hair. After this many countries joined this trade. Let us tell you that many countries of Asia are also involved in this business, but the hair of girls of Japan is not sold for much money.

hair business in india

There is a hair business worth crores of rupees in India. Hair business in India has been going on since before independence and the hair of Indian women was liked even earlier. Even today, long hair of Indian women is very much liked and their price is also very high. Sent from India to China, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Burma. Donated hair is also sold in temples in India, and in the hair business, a large part of the hair is obtained from the temples itself.

What do you do with this hair?

From the temple, the hair comes to a factory. First of all these are sorted out, because every bunch is tangled. After this, bundles are made by solving them. After this they are washed and then dried. After this these bundles are sold abroad. There is a big business of these natural hairs abroad and wigs are made from them. Many rich people buy these wigs at an expensive price and a huge business goes on with them.

What are the rates?

According to the report of DW, if we talk about the price of hair, then it depends on the size and quality of the hair. The cost of non-chemical hair is high. In this, on an average, bills are sold at 7-8 thousand rupees per kg, but many long hairs are also sold at 25 thousand rupees per kg. Actually, these hair wigs are most liked. It is believed that there is a total business of 22 thousand 500 crores of hair in the world and it is increasing every year.

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