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Friday, June 4, 2021

Poor fishermen became millionaires due to whale vomit, you will also be stunned to know the price

If someone even mentions the name of vomiting in front of you, then immediately your mood will be disturbed. 
It is obvious that on hearing the name of vomiting, people start feeling disgusted. But there is also such a creature, whose vomit is searched by people, but it is found only by someone who is lucky. In fact, the person who vomits the whale in his hands, then his luck is reversed. Something similar happened with the fishermen living in Yemen. In fact, when these fishermen had come out of the house to catch fish, they had no idea that today they are going to be twelve.

According to a report, these fishermen had gone out for fishing as usual. The fishermen would not have thought even in their dreams that they would get such a valuable treasure from the stomach of the whale fish. A dead whale fish changed the fortunes of fishermen who went fishing in the Gulf of Aden, Yemen. Whale fish vomited in the hands of fishermen. Which is worth crores. A group of 35 fishermen went fishing in the Gulf of Aden. Where he came to know that the carcass of a whale fish was swimming in the bay, after which he caught the whale fish and put it on the shore.

The fishermen told that they could smell something from near the fish. Then he looked inside the stomach of the whale fish, and there was whale vomit (Ambergris) in it. As soon as the whales found vomiting from the fish's stomach, the fishermen began to giggle with joy, because they knew that their life had changed now. These fishermen have got 127 kg of vomit from the stomach of whale fish. Whose price is being told around 11 crores. The fishermen are from the war-affected area of ​​Yemen, Al Khaisa, and after this incident, there is an atmosphere of happiness in their village.

Let us tell you that Ambergris, which is obtained from whale vomit, is used in the perfume industry. Contains an odorless alcohol, it retains the fragrance of this perfume for a long time. Whale vomit i.e. ambergris is a solid, wax-like flammable substance. Ambergris is present in the intestines of the sperm well. Underwater whale fish sometimes eat such organisms, which they cannot digest completely. In such a situation, the ambergris present in the interior of the whale protects them from injury.

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