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Sunday, June 13, 2021

6 years old mehek fathima batting skills has shocked everyone video viral

Sometimes small children do such things which are not a matter for the elders to do. 
Everyone was stunned to see the exploits of a little girl from Kozhikode. When 6-year-old little Mehak Fatima comes down with a bat in her hand, seeing her shots, people do not believe that these are the exploits of a small girl. Fatima's batting style is winning the hearts of people on social media too.

Big players are stunned to see 6-year-old Mehak Fatima from Kozhikode, Kerala batting. Seeing her style and skills, no one can believe that she is only 6 years old. Mehak's interest in cricket arose when he saw his father teaching the game to his three-year-old brother. After which little Mehak asked his father whether he is not teaching him batting just because I am a girl. After hearing such things of innocent smell, the father also taught him to play cricket and today everyone is surprised to see his talent.

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The better india has shared the video of Mehak Fatima batting on her Instagram account, in which she is making perfect shots on every ball. While batting, Fatima does not miss even a ball. People are not only sharing this video clip with each other but are also giving different types of comments and reactions on it. Seeing the tremendous batting style of a 6-year-old girl, people are pressing their fingers under their teeth.

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